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Making Adorn - Hidden Treasures Revealed

My new 'Adorn' collection, launching at Goldsmiths' Fair 2019, has been in germination for some time. The first seed was sown with the creation of my Hidden Ring, a concept piece and my first work in gold.


Designed almost ten years ago, the original piece features an 18ct gold dome - edged with delicate granulation and also completely adorned with hidden granulation underneath. A beautiful and exceptionally decadent secret - unbeknown to all but the wearer. 



The curved form is created from one large granule which is forged, rolled and domed by hand. This process results in a flattering matt finish which contrasts beautifully with adorned granulation.

I love the idea of the 'hidden' granulation treasure and also saw that these creative elements could be played with and adorned in a number of ways. In the new collection 'Hidden' granules gradually emerge across the surface and then reveal themselves completely in a shimmering splendour.  The domes are also sometimes inverted, creating glossy cups to adorn and overflow with granules or the rolled forms shaped into disks before being adorned.

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