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Stretching into Clear Spaces

I love working on design developments - refining my technical processes and exploring new creative ways to work with granulation. For me the natural flow and visual movement that can be created with granules is really interesting and I recently started employing a new soldering technique which enables me to work in an even freer way.

In particular this new technique allows me to granulate within wider, more open spaces. I’m fascinated by the interplay of granule configurations within negative spaces. This is a creative concept that I initially explored with my Cut and Float ring designs (below) and again in my Oval Lace collection. I felt there was potential to develop this further and really push the technical possibilities.

In this latest design development the new soldering technique enabled me to create, what is essentially, a greatly expanded version of my Float ring.  Gold granulation organically interflows between two gold bands as if suspended in the air. The expanded form and additional clear space completely alters the design balance - creating a bolder ‘statement’ ring but with a lighter connection and more filigree aesthetic. The addition of embedded diamonds add touches of light and luxury.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the design will work in contrasting golds and by applying the granules in ever different configurations.

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