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The Oval Frame Collection

Oval Frame is one of my signature collections. Delicate granules are captured within fine oval frames or laced together to form oval formations. Each shimmering configuration creates an intriguing interplay between the granulation and negative spaces within the oval. This Oval Frame necklace is a bespoke variation of a piece in  collection, commissioned in 18ct gold by a client in Australia, who discovered my work through the show Dazzle. It is one of my most extravagant and complex pieces to date - as it involves a huge amount of very intricate soldering.

Each of the twenty-two ovals is carefully handmade in 18ct gold and shaped over a mandrill before being linked together. I then handcraft many hundreds of individual granules from molten gold. The ovals are placed in reverse on charcoal so I can position each tiny granule to flow, flurry and cluster in different configurations and painstakingly solder from underneath. The hooks and catches in my work are also handmade and are finished with delicate granulation detailing. A statement piece and a true labour of love!


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